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I am crazy about people and food.

From an early age, I understood how important it is to have thoughtful connections with both. My mother is a wonderful cook who taught me that real nourishment begins at the family table. Blessed by close relationships with each of my grandmothers, I had a lot of guidance. Marion showed me the power of fresh vegetables straight from the garden and how to nail strawberry shortcake with fruit from the local stand. Mina, how to celebrate with abundant Italian feasts. And my father makes sport of good meals paired with great wine. I’ve been exploring, living and breathing food all my life.

Although I wasn’t concerned with nutrition as a child, I got a kick out of experimenting with flavors and sharing my creations. Once I understood the undeniable link between food and health, I was on a passionate quest to help others develop a positive relationship with what they put into their bodies everyday.

Food is a simple pleasure. Nutrition can be COMPLICATED.

Food is fuel, but eating is emotional.  That's why we sometimes find ourselves eating fistfuls of cheesy popcorn or an entire box of cookies when we’re not actually hungry – we want food to give us a hug. Food stirring-up feelings is normal. But, like any relationship, the feelings involved need to be healthy ones.

Eating well begins with understanding what’s right for you. It should be about pleasure and nourishment, not fear or hype.  We're constantly bombarded by misinformation. Let’s turn off the noise and get into what you truly need to keep you vibrant.

Like you, I’ve had my share of struggles – fibromyalgia, chronic migraines and problematic skin starting in my teens. I’ve felt frustrated and depleted, tried quick fixes and recommendations that range from just plain bizarre to potentially dangerous. I finally learned to listen to my body and commit to what it needs – no restrictions, no fads. Just real, clean food, well made; daily exercise and getting creative about managing inevitable stress.

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I coach real people ready to make real change.

My days are spent with clients and staying current on simple and fun ways for you to enjoy what you eat and how you live. No gimmicks or weird science – just pure evidence-based plans designed to promote your optimal health. More than 15 years of professional experience and a lifetime of personal research allow me to be a trustworthy guide on your path to wellness.

Thank you for visiting & I look forward to connecting!

Be Well,

The Official Stuff:

Born in Italy and raised in Chicago, I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach. I hold an RDN from Loyola University Chicago and a Health Coach Certification from the National Society of Health Coaches.

Barbie Boules Health Coach Hinsdale, Illinois

Certificates of Training:

  • Integrative & Functional Nutrition

  • Culinary Nutrition

  • Food Allergies

  • Vegetarian Nutrition


  • The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

  • National Society of Health Coaches

  • Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Nutrition

  • Behavioral Health Nutrition

  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs

I currently live in the western suburbs of Chicago and have two adorable sons, one who loves to cook and one I'm working on. And I’m fortunate to be sharing my passion with you!

I know once people get connected to real food, they never turn back.

Alice Waters

Clients who Glow:

"Barbie was very effective at redirecting how I view food and improving my eating habits. Her approach is not a diet.  She listens to your goals and sets up a plan to help you achieve them.  She is so easy to work with and extremely supportive." - Fran Karas

"Just when you think you've read every book on diets and watched every food documentary, Barbie surprises you with her knowledge and insights.  Working with her is like chatting with a friend who knows your secrets, but never judges.  You can be honest with her.  She's intuitive, shedding light on parts of your relationship with food that need to be revealed in order to heal.  See her to lose stubborn weight, as I did, but be prepared for the added bonus of some self-discovery." - Sarah Anderson

"I was in a terrible place with food and carving out time for self-care.  I saw Barbie to help me lose weight and get control of my blood sugar (I was prediabetic).  I did lose the weight I wanted to and I did say goodbye to prediabetes, but I also got so much more!  I radically changed my relationship with food and myself.  Barbie is very supportive, and genius at peeling back the layers and then putting it all back together in a healthy way. She empowers you to take control for good."  - Rebecca Lindell

“My husband and I met with Barbie for some nutritional counseling and we found her services very helpful!  She was extremely kind, direct and informative.  She actively listened to our needs and concerns and addressed each one in a very creative and reasonable manner.  She displayed a great command of nutritional science and created a wonderful nutritional plan for us to follow.  We feel very fortunate to have gained her expertise as we try to be much more MINDFUL of our eating habits.” - The Bradshaws